About Truzealia

Creating Change Through Mindful Buying


Cherry and Cassandra – we had a ‘light bulb’ moment.
As business owners already, we considered what was best to offer you our customers. Ethically sourced products that we test and trial on ourselves and our pets. Products that support artisan makers and manufacturers with good employment and sustainability practices. We want to make the choice easy for you the customers - who don't have time to troll through 100s of products just to find the one that suits their ethics and needs.
Cassandra has been an adult educator and graphic designer/artist in her previous career - 'I love creating and offering pieces that are unique and images that are not mass produced. They are all designed in house to give you the buyer something different. When I source products quality and design difference is important. It's the small details that matter.
Cherry has owned and operated a number of successful businesses and is passionate about 'giving the customer the best'. She knows about supporting the customer by honouring her products and the quality.

And yes we look alike - that's because we are twins.


Artisan products. Quality, value for money, ethically sourced, made by artisan producers. As well as handmade objects that are practical, without nasty chemicals, unique and something different. Let’s empower people to make discerning choices about the products they buy and put on their bodies by introducing a range of superior skin care products that are super safe and care for our skin naturally and kindly. No nasties only skin loving, planet loving ingredients.

New Zealanders spend their lives outdoors. We know about good outdoor wear and its role in keeping us comfortable and warm. Head warmth is one of the most essential elements when in the cold. Let’s sell to the world New Zealand made outdoor wear and give our customers superior products that contain innovative fibres and truly do the job they are designed for.


Hand sourced and selected products that are long lasting and made by creatives. NO fast fashion, LITTLE or NO plastics (except postal bags so your product arrives dry & clean). If we have to use plastics they are made from recyclable plastic.
We go to the producer to discuss manufacturing processes and their ethos. Are they using ethical employment practices.
Any products that are sourced from China have to meet a rigorous test for quality and design. 


Truzealia helps discerning people to be sure about what they're buying so you can save time and make informed choices. 
Why: because fast fashion and toxic beauty is creating so much waste and is unkind to you and our planet. We all need to support quality lasting ethical makers. And the best part is with Truzealia you can create change through mindful buying.


WHY: We believe - Ethically Made is for all - its never boring - being ethical is simple.

Creativity - Sustainability - Real - True